Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sunny is getting way to big. As I sit here he just came up to me...

Sunny: Mom, I don't want hat.

M: You can put it on Drew's head.

S: No... On my head (puts it back on)

M: Ok

S: Now all done. (Climbs on my lap) Mama... want boo-boos! No... not that one! I want THAT one... (points)

M: Love you, baby

S: (SLURP) hmmmm

He's been trying so hard to be big... He runs around all day 'Drew! Drew! Drew!" The way he says that is so cute. (Well, not Drew, but you know, the real name :))

Yesterday, when Drew was asleep, Sunny tried to pick him up and put him on his lap!

These boys control my life! But, I wouldn't have a life without them!

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