Sunday, May 18, 2008


If I want to have another baby, and not stress out my honey, then I have to figure out:

How to get to appointments without a car and without him.

There's a midwife here who does homebirth, or hospital birth in place of choice... she brings the appointments home to you...

How to be prepared for the days when I can't survive-- who can I call if I have 24/7 barfing.

My relationship with my MIL is such that I can pretty much go over any day and have help after 3:30...

How to quell nausea without gluten... they usually say crackers etc... brown rice work? Anyone know?

Preggie pops are made with ginger and lemonade etc, right?

Timing-- which is essentially the most important. This is my hunny's last year of grad school-- when should I time my three months of morning sickness, when should I plan on giving birth?

We're also planning on moving next May-- so, how do you not leave the brunt of moving on someone when you're pregnant?

The truth is, my pregnancy with Sunny was so bad I'm kinda surprised he's even mildly open to the idea of having another one.
I'm guessing we'd start 'trying' in later Sept. or October.

There's also the matter of getting off of Zoloft, but I want to anyway, because it's been really messing with me lately. :p

You know, my house isn't perfect, but I don't think it has to be for us to have another one. I really desperately want another baby. My arms are empty. I feel it so strongly all the time.

What do you guys do when pregnancy is at its worse? How do the older kids not suffer for your sickness???

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Martie said...

Wow, that's a big question. If you have prayed and received a spiritual confirmation that this is the time, then Heavenly Father will help you to take care of the rest. But I have done this multiple times with no help from the husband, and it is very,very hard on both Mom and children. Be sure that you are sure. And read back on your old blog and see if you feel you can go through all of that again so soon-- and with TWO very young children who need you.

My best to you as you try to figure this all out. Pregnancy sickness is like no other. It truly can wear a person out.

Not to sound negative! I'm just trying to be realistic and answer honestly, which is what I think you're looking for. And truthfully, I am much stronger from the experiences I had. But they were still very hard.

Definitely spend the time on your knees.

Love you.