Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm not.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Y'know, I've never been able to get a positive test early. I wonder if that's because I drink so much water?

So, no positive tests, but I'm about 90% sure that I *am* pregnant.

Some of those symptoms those of you who know my pregnancies well might recognize:

1)Crazy, hectic dreams, containing hundreds of CATS
2) 24/7 "nausea"-- I put that in quotes because it's always there and can suddenly roar to the surface and end up with dry heaves. Thankfully I have not been vomiting... yet.
3)Food Adversion-- I made this incredible meal last night-- pork butt roast, stuffed with brie, wrapped with apples and bacon, and then rolled in pistachios. I couldn't touch it. I took one smell and started gagging. I ate the sweet potatoes instead :).
4)Tired. I'm low-energy anyway, but now I'm kinda a lay-a-bed. Not really, with these kids, but I would if I could :).
5)THIRSTY-- I'm always a really thirsty person, but I have this new water bottle, it's 1 Liter, and I know I'm drinking about five of those a day. And. I'm. Still. Dying. Of. Thirst.
6)I had to reintroduce gluten to my diet. I had a hunch that my body was missing something when I started having horrendous bi-polar moments of irrational *rage*.
7)What was I talking about again? Who am I? What's this post about?
8)Just that sixth sense of having "something" lingering around me, interestingly enough I feel like there's both a male and female baby-feeling... proof we're not done???? (I know, a little 'wooh-wooh' for Keith, too)

But no positive tests yet. My AF is due thursday or friday, so I should be able to test positive soon... 

I'm just hoping this all doesn't mean I'm crazy.

There was an incident at church (Something I should have done in my calling, and could have been a disaster, but thankfully wasn't) that really rattled me, private email if you really need details, but it sent me for a loop. I've been really struggling with my depression since. I found out last thursday and today is the first day I haven't just been wanting to disappear. It's been horrendous.

Sunny is doing great with his potty-training. 

I seriously need tips on how to get organized. I will NOT get offended. I will share anything you share with me and show you how I try to utilize it. We've been getting containers with lids from Walmart, as a lady at church said that organization requires lids. We have way too much stuff... so here are things we really need help with.

1)Boy's toys-- they have TONS
2)Boy's clothes-- I've been thinking of putting all but ten outfits away at a time? They have two dressers (big) FULL.
3)My crafts/sewing/projects. Lots of fabric, clothes for ripping up, and supplies. How do I get all that organized? There's so much *stuff*

I think those are the worst problems. I can't believe how much stuff the boys have, especially considering we never buy things!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Music Time Looks Like:


Drew is at the age where he likes to tell jokes, but he doesn't really 'get it'. Except chicken jokes. He understands those. Here's some of the ones he told me yesterday.

Why did the horse cross the road?
Because his rider was chicken.

Why did the bucket cross the road?
Because it was full of chicken.



No one can say they feel pregnant four, five, and six days past ovulation! So why is it that I feel pregnant! Let me share:

1)One quirk about being on Zoloft is that it means that I basically can't cry. I went from biggest cry-baby ever to not being able to cry, even when I want to. On day "four" post-assumed-ovulation I couldn't stop crying. Hubby thought it was weird :).

2)Seasonal changes are very hard on me-- especially considering my insomnia. I have had horrendous insomnia this past weekend. I ended up reading in bed for hours just to try to get my brain out of the whole 'obsessive thought' pattern. It worked, but, jeepers, I hate insomnia. Then for days "five" and "six" post-ovulation-- insomnia? What's that? I hit the covers and I'm OUT. That never happens with me! Ever! (except when I'm pregnant.)

3)Hyper-sensitive sense of smell. Ex. Smelling banana peels from across the room.

4)THIRSTY! Mantra: can't drink 12 bottles of water a day. can't drink 12 bottles of water a day.

5)Hot flashes. Before I tested positive with Drew I would get really hot in the evenings. It was winter and I would take an ice-cold shower, then go outside to get cool, and it just wouldn't work. This happened to me, in a lesser manner, last night. I didn't think much of being hot until I turned on the fan and Hubby thought it was weird.

(Yes, he thinks I'm weird.)

6)RAOG-- Random Acts of Gagging. Need I say more?

So, what do you think? Psychosomatic symptoms???

I can't test until the 21st at the earliest. Pooh.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting Ready for Fall?

I suggest you hop over to Two Left Hands. Isn't it all just too cute???



Vastly knowledgeable
Zany (dude)


Dancing Singing


Mommy's boy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello-- this is me :)

So, my computer died-- it croaked... well, it's mostly dead, but we had to replace it. Ick. It meant waiting until student loans were in, but, thankfully, Wally-mart equals majorly cheap computer which is all so fine with me.

I'm working hard on my etsy stuff-- need a new camera.

And I'm starting up with Shaklee again. I really feal like this is something I need to do. I love the new product Vivix-- it's a cell-rejuvinator and it really seems to help balance me. I'm using it to keep healthy while we work on... well, baby number three :).

For those that already do use vitamins and Shaklee stuff, or know people who do or would, please please please send them my way. I'm not going to be an overbearing nuisance-- I refuse to, but I want to work from home and get this up and running. I'm just grateful to have there be a company I believe in. Have you seen the 'napkin presentation'? Delicious!

Gluten-free is going well. I'm eating a LOT of fruit. LOTS. Like, most of my diet.

Poor tummy.


Sunny is making me nuts! He's so verbal it's ridiculous, especially since he's still about the size of a nine-month-old. People that see him in public and here him talk get this weird look on their faces like 'ALIEN CHILD!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!'

He has a hilarious sense of humor-- and likes to announce everything. "Mom! Mom! Fishy underwear-- and NO diaper-- Pants OK-- but NO DIAPER! Are these fish, Mom? Huh? Fish?"

Drew is-- well-- Drew. He's bossy, assertive, and very shy in public. He's sensitive to everything I say, and yet we've been having to work on him yelling at me and being mean to me a lot. He has a tendency to tell me that I'm always wrong. We have no idea where that's coming from, but it's making us NUTS.

Sunny loves to do whatever Drew is doing-- so, if Drew lies down on the bed and pretends to sleep, so does Sunny, if he pretends to cry, so does Sunny... it's hilarious.

My Hunny is having a killer semester and struggling with a job he hates, which is only so obvious after being at an internship all summer. We've been under a lot of stress with the beginning of school and our student loans coming in late, but everything is starting to calm down.

I will get caught up with everyone. I promise!