Wednesday, September 17, 2008


No one can say they feel pregnant four, five, and six days past ovulation! So why is it that I feel pregnant! Let me share:

1)One quirk about being on Zoloft is that it means that I basically can't cry. I went from biggest cry-baby ever to not being able to cry, even when I want to. On day "four" post-assumed-ovulation I couldn't stop crying. Hubby thought it was weird :).

2)Seasonal changes are very hard on me-- especially considering my insomnia. I have had horrendous insomnia this past weekend. I ended up reading in bed for hours just to try to get my brain out of the whole 'obsessive thought' pattern. It worked, but, jeepers, I hate insomnia. Then for days "five" and "six" post-ovulation-- insomnia? What's that? I hit the covers and I'm OUT. That never happens with me! Ever! (except when I'm pregnant.)

3)Hyper-sensitive sense of smell. Ex. Smelling banana peels from across the room.

4)THIRSTY! Mantra: can't drink 12 bottles of water a day. can't drink 12 bottles of water a day.

5)Hot flashes. Before I tested positive with Drew I would get really hot in the evenings. It was winter and I would take an ice-cold shower, then go outside to get cool, and it just wouldn't work. This happened to me, in a lesser manner, last night. I didn't think much of being hot until I turned on the fan and Hubby thought it was weird.

(Yes, he thinks I'm weird.)

6)RAOG-- Random Acts of Gagging. Need I say more?

So, what do you think? Psychosomatic symptoms???

I can't test until the 21st at the earliest. Pooh.


Martie said...

I can always tell by day 2. My insides feel tender and achy, I shake like a leaf, and I am exhausted. Oh, and my stomach problem worsens overnight.

Do you feel anything along those lines?

Good luck! I will keep checking in!


Martie said...

Dollar Tree tests (found at the checkout usually) are cheap (obviously) and work like a dream. I tested positive with both little girls several days before I was supposed to see results. Try them!


Real said...

Yeah, I stock up on pregnancy test from the dollar store and use them on whims. I've always gotten an accurate result way before you're supposed to be able to know that you're pregnant.