Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1. How do you divide up chores in your homes?

I'm officially in charge of everything.

2. How much does your DH help?

If things get over my head sporadically my DH will do a quick clean which can be either very deep and helpful or mean just shifting all the pots and pans in the house onto one part of the counter.

3. How much do your children help?

Drew refuses to help a lot of the time, but I can coax him. On the other hand, tiny little Sunny loves to clean up.

4. What specific chores do your children do?
Toy pick up.

5. Do you give an allowance to your children in exchange for help around the house?

6. Do you use a chore chart?

7. What is your favorite chore?

8. What is your least favorite chore?

9. Is there a particular chore you consider to be too hard for your children?
Just about everything at this age.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hollywood Innocence

I know-- not my usual style-- what do you think?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My camera isn't working, so we'll have to wait on pictures of the new puppy. I'm still trying to figure her out. As most dogs in the pound, they had her and her brother labeled as 'Chow/shepherd cross'. If every dog labeled that way WAS that mix the whole doggy population of this city would be chow/shepherd.

I'm pretty certain that Raven has no chow in her. Both her and her brother were completely free of black tongues. Coloring alone suggests border collie as one parent... though Raven has hardly any white on her-- just the tip of her tail and a tiny patch on her chest.

She has button ears-- with curly hair on them-- and her whole coat is rather fluffy and woolly... and a very short saber-like tail....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happiness is...

... a husband who calls on his way to work just to say 'I love you.'

... a little brother who emulates everything his big brother does, because he thinks he's the BEST.

...two little bunnies who have a new ramp that allows them the right to be free and run around the yard.

... a sweet husband who makes a craft room for his wife out of the third bedroom and says 'the boys prefer to sleep together anyway!'

... a mother who is also a best friend, to weave with... and obsess about fibers with...

... a new puppy, who is coming home TONIGHT!

... having the gospel and knowing this never has to end!!!!