Friday, May 9, 2008


Just when you think things are getting more normal.

We took our chickens over to my MILs this afternoon, as we couldn't keep them at home. We put them in the garden area, which is fenced in.

Not much later, we found my dog, Boromir, in the garden structure. Every chicken was dead-- not even slightly eaten-- just shredded all over the whole garden. When I tried to reprimand him he rolled over, but he looked as if, if I pushed him too far, he would snap and go after me.

Bo is 9-- as he ages he seems to be getting more and more aggressive. I find myself worrying about the boys-- Bo is aggressive with the other dogs, he will growl at all of us over food, he's territorial, and it's getting worse as he gets older.

I picked Bo out at the pound when he was 8 weeks old. He's been my baby and my dog, and now my best alternative, to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone, is to put him down. This breaks my heart. I know, in my mind, that it is the best, but I look him in the face and he can be so sweet! It's just that I can't risk being responsible for him hurting my little boys. I have to sacrifice Boromir for them...

I tried to post Boromir to a non-kid home on craigslist and got REAMED. People love to kick someone when they're down, but, nicely, a few nice ladies commiserated with me with their own stories, and helped verify with their experiences, that this is actually probably the best thing to do-- for him, and for all of us.

He's 9. Better to end now then to bite someone and have everything blow up.

I'm so sad!

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