Thursday, May 1, 2008

Second Hand Dogs

My old riding instructor, Sandy, told me once that 'second hand dogs are like getting second hand underwear.'

Leaving you with that disturbing thought, I guess we'll be finding out! Yes, that's right, I am opening my heart to a new canine.

This is our newest family member, who we will be meeting tomorrow. Isn't that a charming little face? His name is currently 'Max', but I've got lots of ideas for that.

Yes, I am certifiably insane.

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Anonymous said...

Most of the dozen dogs I've had in my life were second hand, some from people who didn't want them anymore, or who had rescued them and needed to find homes for them. I don't think I've ever actually deliberately chosen a dog myself. But every single one has become a lovable member of our family.

It seems to take a few months to work out any unwanted habits if the dog is an adult, but eventually everything worked out fine.

So, good luck with your second-hand new friend!

By the way, those kids of yours are adorable!