Saturday, May 3, 2008


I'd love advice from you longer-term nursers out there-- on how you decide when to wean your little one.

My heat intolerance is a problem for me, and I feel so READY to not have Sunny nursing. He also nurses all the time-- he'll skip meals and just nurse every hour or so-- and then for a long stretch of time. I'm tires, and done-feeling.

But, how do I do it? With Drew I was pregnant and had to wean because I didn't want to tandem nurse, and I was having health issues. I sat down with him and said 'you can't nurse any more' and more or less that was it.

I said that to Sunny and he laughed, pulled up my shirt and said 'MY boo-boos... eat THAT ONE!'

Am I rushing things? He'll be two in August...

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