Thursday, May 8, 2008


Compassion is a strong, beautiful, thing-- having compassion is a huge blessing, but it is not enough. Feeling bad that bad things are happen does not lend itself to anything but futility, and, in compassion, as in most things, it isn't the thought that counts.

So how can a person help, when we feel that we are not in a position to reach out and really help in the large, frightening realities that are out there? Not all of us can adopt that child who breaks our hearts, not all of us can foster animals that would otherwise be euthanized until they can find a new home.

And compassion can be taken too far-- what joy is there in the life of the foal that 'rescued' must live its life unable to run, or even walk, as it was born with a badly deformed front leg. Is it compassion to save them for a long, pointless life, or is it compassion to let them die.

After all, death is not the worst thing that can happen. Cruelty is worse than death, correct?

But what to do, when our hands are tied? What to do, when we want so badly to reach out and make a real difference? And, know just how much one person CAN make a difference, still know that you are not equipped to assist anyone, that, for the time being, your hands are tied.

And so your heart bleeds, you empathize with every child, every beast, that you long to care for, that you long to set towards a happier future... and you know that it's just not enough-- that you are turning your back on true beauty-- on the glorious nature of true compassion-- which requires action.

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