Monday, May 12, 2008


THREE Fevers, Two hubby assignments, Cranky, Lonely, Isolated, Miserable

Stupid Mother's Day

Stupid Birthday

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Martie said...

Sorry, sis. Sometimes we get forgotten when life is big and busy. I have had many sucky mother's days, and many times I felt like crying myself to sleep after a horrid birthday. It kind of makes you wonder if anyone appreciates you or cares about you, or notices how much you do, doesn't it?

Please know that regardless of what happened yesterday-- or didn;t, you are loved and needed and special, and your boys adore you and are grateful for you. And if you raise 'em just right, they will give you a lifetime of wonderful recognition, love and kindness that will make up for now.

I love you! Happy birthday and happy mommy's day!!