Friday, April 24, 2009

We went to the fair on Monday night-- my second time ever-- the first time we've been with the boys (they've been with their grandparents).

Both boys went on rides with Daddy and we went to look at the exhibits, which only made a realize that we would LOVE to have a Jersey cow someday (why are they so pretty????) and a pig... and Keith saw pygmy goat babies for the first time and was reduced to "AWWWWWW."

All in all it was fun. I ended up not liking something I ate (I had ONE thing!) and spent the next morning barfing. I think I just don't digest grease at this point...

The goats are adjusting to their three feedings a day. Star is having a harder time than Clover, until this morning when I went out with a carrot and she sucked on it until she realized that she could chew on it with those sharp little molars in back! Her little white face turned orange pretty quickly after that!

I've been trying to get them to be more interested in their solid foods-- so, shaved carrots, hand feeding, etc. especially when they have been begging for another feeding has seemed to really help. For a few days they were eating more in their three feedings than when they had four... now they're starting to taper down.

Keith can't wait until they're weaned (June 6th!) I think he's tired of buying six gallons of milk at a time :)

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