Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday there was a lot of rain and hail (even snow in some places!) It's warmed up now, but it made Saturday an adventure, as we had a "farewell" to our three little roosters.

These three (as well as the four hens we are keeping) were the offspring of Blue, the rooster that we ate last fall. Why eat them? Well...

1)Roosters are illegal here
2) Roosters are aggressive
3)Roosters are really noisy and annoying
4) Hens hate roosters

Esp. the third as ours were just learning to crow and, honestly, I'd rather listen to a teenage boy whose voice is changing sing the National Anthem then listen to those roosters trying to figure out how to crow-- it would be more... tolerable :).

This isn't the end of our meat season either. Hubby has decided he hates our geese, so they (5) and half of our ducks (3) will be going away this summer and going to "freezer camp." We'll be keeping the other three ducks (two ducks and a drake) for sustainability :)

I would *love* to have some muscovy ducklings more than the Rouen ducks that we have. For one thing-- they don't quack.

Oh-- and the goats have recovered-- they're doing great-- our best bet is that they had a bacterial issue and that the shots etc. that I had to give them got them through it. They're currently on a very gentle worming system and on something calle DiMethox to prevent Cocci. (ok, I can't spell it). All in all things are looking up.

I also sold the three baby pullets and one duck right before Easter. Also, we lost our little Turkey in the rain storm (electrocuted). So we currently have:

1) Eight Hens/pullets
2) 2 goats
3) 6 Rouen ducks
4) 5 Embden Geese
5) 1 cat
6) 1 Guinea Pig
7) ??? fish

The waterfowl have their own pen, but decided this morning that they're done with it, so they broke free and have spent the day grazing on our grass and swimming in a big water bowl we have out for everyone. I think they're finally big enough that the big hens will leave them alone. That, and the roosters aren't here to hurt them anymore. It's really restful to watch them... they're all so cute and fluffy right now that it's hard to imagine they'll be big and mean in a short period of time!

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buttercup said...

I am not sorry the roosters are gone. There's a rooster behind my house in Tucson that crows every hour on the hour-even in the midldle of the night. And roosters are mean-I almost got in a tussle with one as a missionary. Good riddance!