Thursday, April 16, 2009


I went to Urgent care yesterday, for what I thought was probably the flu and ended up in the ER with terrible vitals-- horribly low blood pressure and a pulse around 135. They gave me four liters of IV fluids and sent me home, saying I had a virus and that I was probably dehydrated, to have my vitals that low. It was a miserable day, and I feel terrible still, today... my tonsils are swollen and puffy, I can't keep food down, and I have a fever when not on tylenol. Interestingly the IV seems to have take care of my muscle aches, if not the low blood pressure.

We're taking Jade to the vet soon to get spayed. She desperately wants outdoor time and loves playing tag with the baby goats, but we do NOT want her to have kittens. Once she's spayed I think she'll be a lot happier.

Baby goats are doing well-- remaining poultry doing well. Oh, and my chickens were not the murderers-- we're now thinking stray cat because the MO was not right for chickens (injuries mostly without blood-- chicksn peck and cause lots of blood).

Now, I'm going to go back to bed with a water bottle and some ginger ale!


buttercup said...

get better Bonnie! I love you!

Martie said...

Oh dear. Sickness when you're pregnant is rough. My prayers are with you! I hope your recovery goes quickly. I love you!