Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Escape Goose!

Yesterday morning I ran out to do morning chores and realized that we had 1 goose instead of five. Very shortly, as they are loud, I discovered the other goslings had squeezed through the chainlink fence into the alley.

Quick as anything, I grabbed the boys, stuck them in the stroller and went running down the street and to the alley, only to return with some very excited goslings, getting their first, and hopefully only, ride in the stroller!

There's no denying that livestock tend to be escape artists. Since then I have put goslings back in their pen over and over and over again.

Why do the ducklings, for whom it would be much easier to escape, stay put? I have no idea! But I appreciate it! Chasing five goslings and three chicks is more than enough, thank you!


Martie said...

That story just threw me into a fit of the giggles. I can just see this cute pregnant woman running down the road, pushing a stroller full of boys and goslings. Thanks for the entertainment! Har har har!


Martie said...

Your littler is getting BIGGER! Woah!