Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clover has decided that, as I give her milk, I am now her mama. She likes to like and nudge me and cuddle as much as possible. If I'm sitting anywhere it's moments only before she appears in my lap for a snuggle.

Star is a little more stand-offish, still. I have to catch her before I feed her and she leaves when she's done guzzling. I've tried holding her on my lap and grooming her, but she's just not that interested. Trying to catch her to feed her can be challenging as she is small and very fast and agile. I'm hoping she'll warm up to me eventually.

After all, I've only had them since Saturday.

Meanwhile, homesteading has been a lot of daily chores with moments of cuddling a baby turkey and ducks and baby goats. The garden, for the most part, has to be replanted thanks to the local squirrel, so it's mostly a loss at this point.

Currently we are home to:

15 chickens (4 week-old pullets, 7 16-week old chickens, 4 laying hens)
7 ducklings
5 goslings
1 turkey
2 goats
1 cat
1 guinea pig
5(?) fish

Other than whittling down, we are done. We have enough animals!

Speaking of which... ultrasound tomorrow!


buttercup said...

a turkey! wow. you guys really do have a homestead! that's pretty awesome. are the neighbors your friends? And I hope the cat is able to chase the squirrel soon.

trogonpete said...

total classic bonk. going completely overboard. just like me. I love it. you forgot:

two ickles

Eloise said...

Yup-- two and a half ickles! :)