Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The baby goats are sick-- we took them to the vet and are putting them on a regimine of electrolytes to help with dehydration. I'm also giving them intermuscular shots two times a day of banamine and penicillin. Things don't look so good, and I'm crushed that they're this sick. Star has a fever or 104 and looks terrible. Both just stand there, looking horrible.

The vet also told us to take them off of the cow's milk and put them on goat milk replacer, so we've made that change too. Hopefully this will all be enough to save them.

We had the option of putting them in the clinic to get IVs etc, but it would have cost us between $400-600. We just can't do it, so I'm trying to do the work the IV etc would have done.

I REALLY hope its enough!

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Martie said...

Does the vet know why they are sick? Is it something from where they used to live? That is so incredibly sad. I'm sorry!