Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, we got back from our trip... which I still need to write about. It was FUN! We've just been BUSY!

This past saturday we went all the way to Pomerene, AZ, to pick up our two mini-milker bottle-baby goats.

Star, the white one, is a mini-Saanen (Saanen mother, Nigerian dwarf buck). The faun colored one is Clover, from the same buck with a La mancha mother-- called a 'mini-mancha'.

They were mother-raised up to this point, so we've been teaching them how to take milk in bottles. It has been a real challenge. Today was the first time that Clover really took enough milk in her morning feeding and it was such a relief. Of course, that means she's even more curious and bouncy 
than usual, so we've all been in stitches watching her bounce around.

Clover is only three weeks old. Star is six weeks. We were told Star might never take the bottle, but she caught on really quickly. She loves to eat!

I love these pictures of the babies, esp. Star on the milking stand. 

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