Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Someday List

OK-- so everyone has their "someday" gadget list, right? Mine's a little... odd :) LOL

1) Ice cream Machine (professional)
2) Pastry/bread/pizza oven
3) Deli Slicer
4) Butter Churn
5) Butter Mold
6) Professional Strength Mixer :)

Isn't it funny that it's all about food?


Real said...

I agree a deli slicer would be pretty cool. Is a butter churn really necessary? What exactly is it? I'm remembering a Pioneer Day primary class where the kids just shook the milk in a jar with a lid and then ate the butter on bread. Only took a couple of minutes. Which is, in fact, the same way I made whipped cream a few weeks ago. But you probably mean something really big for all your goat milk? Can you make butter from goat's milk?

Eloise said...

yes, butter is really easy to make with goats milk because it has a good butterfat content. I hear the whipped cream is extra light and fluffy too.

A churn isn't really necessary-- I'll use the jar method :) They're just super cool :) LOL!