Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hunny!

28 years, 28 things that make you "Daddy"!

From the boys:

1) Playing Wii
2) Building Stuff
3) Doing crazy stunts up to the ceiling-- WHEEEE!
4) Bounce on Daddy!
5) Ride on shoulders
6) HUGS!
7) Watching Piglet together
8) Math with Daddy
9) Coloring with Daddy
10) Reading time!
11) S: Uh.... Monkeys!
12) Hiding under the blanket with eachother
13) Kissing him
14) Playing on the computer with me

15) Date nights
16) Talking
17) Watching you eat my sweet bread or spaghetti sauce and LOVING it!
18) Projects together in the backyard
19) Having you call me five times from the store because you can't find everything :)
20) Long-suffering with animals :)
21) Work, School, Chores... not a word of complaint!
22) Best Daddy ever!
23) Really awesome Uncle!
24) Pretends to know the words of songs you've never heard before and CAN PULL IT OFF!
25) Faithful church member
26) Hard-working!
27) Affectionate and child-like at the best times for both.
28) 150% dedicated to our family

And the billion other things you do every day that we couldn't be without!

We love you, Daddy! You are the BEST! We hope you have the best birthday ever and always stay as young at heart as you are today. We love you and are SOOOOO glad that we are going to be together eternally as a family.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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Martie said...

Happy, happy, birthday, Bro'! Eat cake!!

Martie and family