Monday, March 2, 2009


My FIL brought us a goat-- a single goat, who was used to being a HOUSE goat as someone's pet. Lovely and sweet, she was miserable alone and cried all night, even when I gave in and barricaded up the kitchen and set up a place for her.

Still, I was working towards a good solution when she started rearing up and threatening me and my sons.

Now, I have been around goats enough to be *shocked* by this behavior. Good goats don't do it and those that learn it cannot unlearn it. Sadly, I knew that she was not the goat for us, as well as that the timing was off... we're planning to get our goats when we get back from a trip to Utah.

My MIL scoffed at me and told me that "you don't really want goats, they're all noisy and cranky and they ALL butt people around."

I said that I'd been around goats and that was obviously not true. She gave me the "I pity your idiocy" look and I... well... went and pouted. :) Hey, I'm not perfect. But I'm going to prove her wrong. And, honestly, the pouting was because my darling husband was agreeing with her and I felt undermined.


BUT. We found her a new home and she's happy and the new owners love her. AND we'll get my original choice of goat when we get back from Utah. And I will MAKE this work. :)

And people call me pessimistic :)

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MandaMommy said...

Pooh! Yoda didn't do that, and that's enough evidence for me!