Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh, Yoda!

Back before I was married, only about five years ago, my best friend and I had a horse rescue/flipping business. In one year we re-homed 23 horses... and one goat.

We called her Yoda. We bought her on a whim at the auction we frequented and brought her home in the back of my Cherokee-- which was never the same again. Advice: buy a tarp before you buy a goat!

Within 24 hours she had demolished her goat pen, showed up about 1/4 a mile away at my house (how did she find me?), introduced herself to the horses and been set up as their queen, and made friends with the hereto hostile neighbor next to the horse property. He hated horses, but worshipped on the throne of Yoda.

Yoda was personable and friendly, she had a great habit of chuckling in response to being talked to, and following everyone around. This made the fact that she had horns and such bad mastitis she was no good as a milk goat negligable-- she was loveable, personable... and just great.

She was rehomed to a place where she became a "mama" to bottle-fed baby goats at a goat farm.

Yoda, plus growing up with goats until I was 5 or 6 is one of the reasons I want goats so badly. I love them and their personalities. 

But Yoda also set a high standard. She was intelligent, she was friendly, she was CUDDLY. She would rather have her head scratched then eat. She would rather have a conversation and follow a person around than anything else. She was never aggressive, never unpleasant, and completely loveable.

"Flower" and "Mater" have a lot to live up to!


Martie said...

Cute story!

Did the boys name your new goats?

Eloise said...

Yes, they did! Cute, huh?