Thursday, May 14, 2009


Lest you believe that I've been struck by an unhealthy dose of reality... :)

1) If the goats don't go for the amount we're asking, we're not selling

2) The water birds are probably destined for the freezer, but that would be in mid-July at the earliest (they're only 6 weeks old!)

3) Hubby is currently looking for a new job. Right now that's the priority. Then we'll know where we will be living and our income, etc. Right now we're in limbo. Until that step, we can't move on to the next step, which would be...

4) ... Finding a homestead to live on. There are two parcels out near where Hubby used to go to Elementary school that look really promising. One of them even has an incredible 10 stall barn etc. They each have their own wells and their conjoining, so possibly Hubby's family could live next door, or we could split the larger parcel (20 acres!)

So, as for right NOW-- Hubby is looking for a job (he calls it his new 'homework'), and I have an ad up for the goats, which has not had so much as a bite thus far. 

And, more immediately, Jade is getting spayed on Saturday so she can STOP DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!

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Martie said...

Good luck on the job search. We are deep into it as well, and it can be quite challenging to find what you want, where you want it. I hope you find what you're looking for!