Monday, May 18, 2009

Messing About in Boats

My S-FIL bought a boat for about $20 at a yard sale. It's one of those rubber inflatable kinds, but pretty nice all around. The boys have been waiting for ages to be able to go out in it. They got some life jackets and we all went to the 'lake'.

The nearest 'lake' is really just a pond, and the water is pretty gross. I remember, when I was younger, you would find dead catfish all around the shoreline. Usually there are a ton of ducks etc, but there were about three that we saw the whole time we were there.

S-FIL went out first with the boys. They waved at us and went around the whole lake and threw chicken feed to the few ducks that were there and had a blast.

Then Keith suggested that we take a spin ourselves. I hesitated, but he seemed to really want to, so I decided to go for it.

He is SO GOOD at so many things, but he is NOT GOOD IN BOATS!

We ended up drifting across the lake and hitting the shore about fifty times. Finally, I took over, and told him exactly what to do. Once he started listening and not just trying to muscle his way through it, we actually made progress. Eventually we made it back to the dock.

It was fun and hilarious, and it's actually nice that for once he was incompetent and I was the one that saved the day.

Thanks to my parents for all the time in canoes when I was younger! It paid off!

But don't go in a boat with my husband unless YOU know how to steer :)

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