Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Angry Chicken

I have a hen who has been broody for a while-- Mrs. Angry Chicken-- she's sitting on muscovy eggs. 

She came out this morning to eat, drink, etc, leaving my barred rock as a baby-sitter and my 8-ish week old goose, Toot, FREAKED OUT! 

Toot chased my poor broodie around the backyard, pulling on her tail feathers and yelling at her. I guess she doesn't remember who the broodie is and strangers must be terminated!

And, honestly, I didn't feel too bad. My broody hen has been SO MEAN since she decided to set, she so deserved this. She's fine, under the watchful gaze of my one goose, and a little subdued...

And Toot was so proud of herself that she walked around the yard with her pathetic little not grown in yet wings open!

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