Monday, April 7, 2008


I just went outside to check on the 'babies' and there was a gosling nuzzling the back of a bantam he was sleeping with his head on. Nestled on top of the gosling's head was another little bantam chick-- the smallest one we have (Racecar). Scattered all around the bunny hutch were goslings and chicks, just collapsed against each other and sleeping away.

The goslings are very affectionate-- they'll groom each other-- groom the chickens. One gosling and one bantam just play with each other constantly-- it's like watching a St. Bernard playing with a miniature dachshund-- not something you see every day!

We let the babies (all except the one that hatched this morning) run around in the grass today. The geese are incredible foragers, and have taught the chickens how to eat grass and hunt down bugs. I was cleaning out part of the fridge and gave them some cooked sweet potato leftovers I had-- there's just a feeling of rightness with the animals eating our leftovers, and grass, and being handled well. It's also incredibly fun. I think I could lay for hours and just watch them-- even when they're sleeping. There's just something about me and animals-- I'm that way with my boys, too, I should mention-- sometimes I just want to sit and stare and drink them in.

Sunny vacuumed my camera cord to pieces, so pics may be a little long in coming-- I can't wait for you all to see these adorable little things ;)


Martie said...

Sounds like a wonderful education for your boys! What is the big plan? What will you do with them?

Thanks for sharing. It all sounds very nice.


MandaMommy said...

That sounds like a crazy lot of fun!