Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our week in as few words as possible

Fri--boys' vaccines. 103.5 fevers
Sat-- Fevers, car break down
Sun-- Fevers
Monday-- robbed, Evan testicular torsion, ER
Tues-- Urgent Care Evan phlebitis
Weds-- Evan Ultrasound
Thurs-- Evan Urologist

Me-- losing it


Real said...

Oddly enough, phlebitis is something I've read quite a bit on over the years....How's he doing?

Eloise said...

He actually thinks the phlebitis is kind of cool-- as long as no one touches it directly. The whole vein from wrist past elbow is swollen and red.

He's really stressed out, though-- he has follow up appointments today and tomorrow, and meanwhile he's trying to do school work when his backpack (with his laptop in it) was stolen from our car in our driveway.

Right now stress is the biggest factor!

MandaMommy said...

Holy cow! Things always seem to hit you guys in clumps, don't they? I'm sorry! Hope everything gets better soon!

What you guys need is to find a hot tub somewhere and sit and relax in it. Then you can say to yourself, "If I was pregnant right now, I couldn't be doing this. Ahhhhhhhh."

Eloise said...

Amen to that!

Maybe stay in there for about a month!

Did I mention my three day migraine and breast infection?

Things really do hit us in clumps-- and usually around this time of year it seems!

Martie said...


So sorry. I hear ya loud and clear. Maybe the trip will be a nice change of pace even though it will be mega-short.

Take care and hang in there. See you soon!