Monday, November 5, 2007

My Fourth Anniversary!

Evan and I just celebrated our fourth year of marriage with a whole day of busy fun. Evan is in grad school, so we haven't been seeing much of each other-- well, he's here, but studying, so it feels like he's not.

So, having a whole day together was magical-- the whole day had that feeling of glamorie-- even when things went wrong it was a-ok. (Yes, I realize I just Anglicized a French word!)

We got everyone ready first thing and headed to Grandma's house where we picked up her truck and dropped off Sunny (his choice). We then drove forty some minutes to the very far opposite side of town to pick up our new rabbit hutch. The hutch wouldn't fit in the back with the camper on, so I had the idea that we could take the camper off and flip it over so we could get everything home-- it actually worked, though it took a lot of work on Evan's part.

On the way back home we picked up our rabbits from the breeder who was at a hotel for a rabbit show. We have two male Holland Lops-- very cute! We're planning to get them fixed soon. (Once I earn enough from my etsy shop).

We dropped the bunnies etc off at home and went back over to Grandma's house to play and nurse Sunny until about 1 pm, when the boys packed into the car with the grandparents to spend the day at the State Fair about two hours away.

Evan and I did our food shopping, to the post office twice (sold my saddle!) and then... e took me to the mall to get me a new dress and shoes! It was awesome-- I haven't had a new dress in about five or more years... and my church shoes I've been wearing for about nine years, so it was about time! Evan actually got me another pair of shoes too, which means I actually have four pairs of shoes or so now! Lol!

On the way home to get ready for our reservations the car suddenly stopped working. We pulled off the road and turned it off-- suddenly realizing we had sent Evan's car keys off with the boys accidentally. We tried the car again and were able to make it home. We decided to get ready and leave early to try to make it to our reservations. We made it and wandered around to kill time before going to Melting Pot-- our special anniversary fondue place.

It was perfect! Evan had even had them put roses on the table for me. We were there for two hours, eating and talking... it was so fun!

The boys came home at about ten, and went straight to bed-- though Sunny nursed all night! Fine with me! All in all, it was a great day-- and we've been having a lot of fun with our new bunnies.

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Martie said...


Holy heck, what a night, lady! I'm in awe. We would have stopped after the groceries!!

Happy anniversary... belated, that is.