Saturday, November 10, 2007

I need a workout Buddy

I've been looking at a ton of workout possibilities here, and I know where I would go and everything, but the truth is that I won't go by myself. Evan is too busy with school and everything to add one more thing and the Zoloft I'm taking is causing huge weight fluctuations-- which means that I am suddenly gaining huge amounts of weight, which makes me really feel bad about myself. I'm careful about how I eat-- I keep my min. calories above 1200...

Well, Martie, why don't you move here and we can be BFFs? Gym rats together, kids playing together.

I'll give you my HOUSE!



MandaMommy said...

Maybe you could ask Narpete? I totally understand though--I stink at working out without a buddy. Some of the best working out I've done was when we did Tae-Bo together. That was a blast!

Martie said...

I wish I could! I have thought about joining a gym too, but it's too much money for us right now.

Increase your calories and try my diet for 2 weeks. It really works.

Good luck!


Eloise said...

Since Evan started school I have not had a moment where I can exercise-- its been frustrating!