Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm cleaning today-- I'm really trying to get things put together. The problem is, that trying to clean with these crazy boys-- one creating messes faster than I'm cleaning and the other insisting on being held-- is really stressing me out.

So far today I've--
1)Cleaned my bedroom/bathroom
2)done two loads of laundry
3)de-cluttered, cleaned and vacuumed the Living room
4)de-cluttered, cleaned, and vacuumed the Family Room
5)Taken out the trash
6)Cleaned the bunny cage
7) Started cleaning the kitchen-- and the counters
8)Cleaned Kevin's room

It may not sound like very much, but, believe me, it's nothing short of miraculous the way these boys make this house messy! And it's not just the boys, to be honest. I'm not the greatest at keeping things together, and help from the Evan department isn't going to be happening during the week for the next two years.

Despite feeling completely stressed out, I'm proud of myself. I'm also very overwhelmed by realizing how much more there is actually to get done. Deep breath. Deep breath.

Deep. Breath.

Yeah, cleaning gives me panic attacks.

Well, then, better dig out my paper bag and get back to work!

Oh, while I'm on it-- what are you doing today to keep things GREEN?


Real said...

I think it sounds like alot! I wish I was that productive today. Good job, Mama! I was overwhelmed by stuff today, too. Cleaned my kitchen and then worked on laundry. That's it.

Peg Lewis said...

Keeping things green by using Get Clean.

Don't you get some help from your little lieutenant cleaner guy potential co-worker person? He could get WAY into it...