Tuesday, November 6, 2007

BFF-- Breast Feeding Forever

I love nursing my toddler. He's almost fifteen months old now, and nursing definitely takes on a different personality with a baby this age. He's more active. He also is verbal enough to ask me to nurse when he wants to, and to tell me when he doesn't want to, which is really nice.

With Drew I quit breastfeeding when he was 22 months old, because Sunny was due in two months and tandem nursing really intimidated me. If I could go back I probably wouldn't have weaned Drew at that time. He really needed that special connection, though I've never denied him since when he wants to try.

There's been some speculation that my last pregnancy was so rough because I was nursing while I was pregnant, but that's a hard thing to measure. There's also been speculation that it was my depression acting up and then there's the theory that I'm actually reacting to my babies. (That last one has actually been proven untrue, as I had about a million blood tests and I was NOT attacking them.) Speculation, however, is just that: speculation. I may just have really rough pregnancies. I think the end result: these beautiful boys, is well worth ever minute. I totally buy into that theory that the rougher the pregnancy the cuter the baby. Mine are CUTE.

I'm in no rush to wean Sunny. I have no reasons too-- with Evan in graduate school we have decided to wait until he graduates until we try for another one, so, unless I'm still nursing Sunny when he's three, then we should be just fine. I have a sneaky suspicion that he will self-wean before then. He has days that he's just too busy to nurse much.

AS I said at the beginning, I love nursing. I love the quiet time and the connection and the feeling that, even though I'm not the greatest at being a mom, I'm really good at providing for them in this really essential part of their development.

OK, better go-- Sunny is trying to type and that gets a little tricky.

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