Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Garden or Not to Garden

Keith is in the process of applying to several jobs. Or, rather, he has applied to several jobs and now we're in the 'sit and wait' period to see if we get a call back from any of them. This makes me (the optimistic pessimist) think towards the future while it makes Keith (the pessimistic optimist) refuse to think ahead.

One thing we have in common, though, is this question-- "should we put in the garden this year, or not?"

Of course, mine largely stems from the idea that we might be moving. Keith says that's the same for him, too, but I can see in his eyes that it might have something to do with the fact that I murder our garden every year. And, to make the sin more great, I always kill it in its prime. Right *before* we get anything good.

With that track record, why is it that I don't want to put plants in, to have them shrivel up and die if we leave?

Because I believe that, this year, I might actually keep the garden alive! Really, I do! Well, mostly.

And Keith? Well, he would like to save on that water bill, I'm sure.


MandaMommy said...

Garden in boxes! But DO garden! You won't be pregnant this time, and I've definitely seen some good produce from your gardens in the past!

Angela said...

Just do it. When we had a large garden, we got a lot of stuff but I didn't notice a difference in the water bill...use a drip system it works great. You will be mad at yourself if you don't do it and end up staying or don't end up moving until after you would picked some. Just start it as soon as you can!

little mama said...

did we leave some containers with you guys? Do something. At least shorter season things! You know something is worth it. Especially since you can essentially start now and have producing plants by May/June.

meisha said...

I agree with Manda-box garden. That would save on water if you had the boxes inside because they wouldn't dry out as fast. But the kitty proofing would be difficult.