Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nostalgia... hits the wall.

Last week we drove by my childhood home. It has changed so much that its hardly recognizable and, the worst part, is that they tore down the barn my dad built.

I guess its time to face that the kingdom of my imagination no longer is headquartered there. It's not 'my' house anymore.

So sad.


trogonpete said...

yeah, they tore down the barn around 2002, it's a bummer. And they walled-off a huge chunk of the desert in the back. And painted the house pink. And tore down the garden. And the apricot trees. :o(

I still have dreams in that house every couple weeks.

meisha said...

Yeah, but other people torn down your home. My parents changed our home quite a lot since I went away to college, not all bad but not my childhood home.