Thursday, August 13, 2009

False Labor... Again...

With Noah, I went through eight hours of false labor.

This morning I was wakened at 3 am with contractions, pretty strong, until about 6:30, when they stalled. About fifteen minutes later I started bleeding bright blood, but not lots of it, so I ended up having to go into the women's center where they decided that it was normal bleeding from tiny capillaries rupturing as my cervix dialates. They gave us the option to stay there and see if we made progress, or go home.

We went home and tried walking. When I walk I get regular contractions, but they don't sustain themselves when I'm not moving.

As of now, Keith is going back to work. Noah is at the office with Grandma Leah and I'm here feeling very... deflated. I'm crampy and uncomfortable and I know I should try to nap, but it takes me a really long time to fall asleep under the best circumstances. I know I should sleep and I know I should eat something, but right now I'm just bummed out and I feel like the boy who cried wolf.


Martie said...

I've done similar with half of my babies. It's all in the name of progress. SOON! I am fasting for you today, since it's all I can really do. I love you! Hang in there.

Real said...

It's the pits when you think it's happening's not. BTDT. Hated feeling like an idiot. But just remember it isn't NOTHING. All this is building up to something, just not quite yet. Not too much longer, I hope!!