Saturday, January 31, 2009

We've been BUSY!

So, I haven't been on in a long time, but I have excuses! We've been incredibly busy! We have moved houses, painted, decorated, had our first baby appointment (HEALTHY!), and I've been struggling with morning sickness and migraines.

We're loving being in the new house. We've finally done what we've wanted to here, with painting and actually getting our first piece of new
 furniture (a couch!) that we've ever had in our five years of marriage.

We've inherited my sister's chickens, who are a hoot (I'll have to post pictures) and my New Years chicks are starting to get BIG. They all
 have survived, though my only chick from another hatch did not. I was bummed-- she was a Delaware and I was looking forward to owning a Delaware...

On top of the chickens we have a new member of the family: Jade, the puddy
tat. She's about 3 months old, and is very vocal as she is 1/2 Bengal and 1/2 house-cat. We all love her and she's really good about the tough love Sunny gives her. She's a complete huntress, though, and the one time we let her in the backyard she was across the yard and had caught one of the chicks (thankfully unhurt) in about thirty seconds. So, she's under house arrest :). Of course, this means she hunts the rest of us-- she and Sunny rough-house quite a lot...

The pregnancy has been rough the last two weeks-- I've had 7 migraines since last monday and it's really wearing us all down. Like last time, I'm chronically thirsty and I have ended up having periods of time where I'm gasping to 
catch my breath and I think I may have had too much water(???) I'm trying to balance out the water I drink with Performance and that seems to help with some nausea.

Drew's Guinea Pig had mites and it looked like we might lose him, but with Ivomectin treatments once a week we seem to have licked it and he's looking VERY healthy and handsome these days. He's an easy-going dude and completely lovable. He's by far the NICEST guinea pig I've ever met.

That's me with my preggy-face. Sunny took the picture. In fact, he probablyu took the one of Jade, too. The boys use the camera more than I do!

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Martie said...

Congratulations on getting the painting and everything done What colors did you use? Take pics for us!

How are you feeling? Wow, you're almost at 12 weeks. That's great!