Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There are several things that don't mix with morning sickness:

1. A 2 year old who insists on being naked when he's freezing and throws tantrums.

2. Cooking. Pizza. 

3. Having energy

4. Having contraband chicks in the spare room

5. Potty training toddlers who pee on the floor.

6. House-keeping

7. Food.

8. Breathing.

9. The trash only going out once a week...

10. Moving.

11. Having everything packed.

12. Chronic thirst vs. low electrolites

13. Need I say... FOOD?

14. Baby juice-breath

15. The Wii not working

16. Bathrooms

17. Messes

18. Cravings I can do nothing about... REAL refried beans... BIL's famous tortillas... soft boiled eggs with real butter... chevre... saladitos... mexican candy... Manda's calzones... Sweet potato fries...

19. ... I'd puke them up anyway...

20. A toddler who pretends to vomit into my bowl (Ok, that's pretty hilarious)

21. A MIL who says 'I NEVER let MY boys see me throw up' (not so funny)

22. Having most of my associates be women who have never had morning sickness (!) so they think I'm malingering...

23. Not being able to convince myself that this baby is ok

24. Feeling like my boys are paying for this pregnancy

25. Not being able to get warm... and I live in a DESERT

26. Still getting every cold/flu that passes through

27. Heaters. I. Hate. Them.

28. Switching care providers. Insurance companies. Drs. who call me a hypocondriac and then wonder why I haven't been in for over a year...

29. Mental-care providers who are ticked because I DIDN'T ASK PERMISSION to get pregnant.

30. Exhausted hubby and knowing I should be trying harder.

31. Blood sugar issues.

32. Everyone has advice, but none of it works...

33. Having to explain that I AM doing all the things I can for my morning sickness... they just don't help...

34. Knowing this is my last pregnancy and wishing I could enjoy it/be excited about it...

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Martie said...

You know, you're right. Nothing helps morning sickness. Not preggy pops or ginger ale or saltines or old wives tales or whatever. Not hearing waaah stories from others OR hearing others tell you you're not doing what you should. It's just a lot of hard, hard work.

I'm proud of you for doing something hard even though you knew it would be hard. That's love in a nutshell.

Love you.