Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have the best hubby in the world. Sometimes I do not appreciate him enough, but, with me being so sick, I have to admit that he's just WONDERFUL.

Yesterday I was feeling emotionally BAD-- I have a cold on top of my morning sickness, which mostly means that I gag everytime I sniff. The boys were being naughty-- Sunny was peeing on the floor (we're about to move!) and everything was just getting away from me. The house has been going down hill, because I don't have any energy...

And we're doing different health care this time because of changes at the women's center, where the only midwife left from the original group was the one who treated me horribly. It's not worth the 45 minute drive while in labor anymore, so we're going the medical route and I'm... relieved. Seriously. My whole family is passionate about natural labor, etc... and me, I just need to not be overwhelmed when the baby is born. Drew vs. Sunny. I don't know what I'll do yet-- I'm considering a water birth at this point, but its too soon to think about the birth, as we don't know if the baby is OK yet.

Anyway, because we're changing OB/GYN services, and because our insurance company are poodah-heads, it's a huge process to get referrals, and appointments, etc. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE talking on the phone. Bad enough with family, with a stranger I find it impossible.

So, sweet Hubby has done it all, to the point where he had his phone on one ear and our niece's on the other (while he was at work) so he could get the info for the new women's center. When questioned by the women there, he delicately explained about my phobia of being on the phone and took care of it all. He also handled getting my referral without so much as a headache for me (and it was challenging, my PCP did NOT want to give it, as I haven't been in since her partner DR. said I was a hypocondriac when I accidently took Unisom AND Tylenol PM together and ended up with half of my body numb for two weeks...)

I know that Hubby had no idea what he was getting into when he married me, though we knew each other longer than most couples do when we got married. It puts so much more stress and responsibility on his shoulders, with me not driving, and rarely talking on the phone. He never throws it up to me, though I can see when he's wishing that I were better about handling this.

Then he came home and cleaned the house.

See what I mean? He's awesome!


Martie said...

Good for him. Demi and Nick both have great respect for him and say he has an amazing reputation at work for being incredibly hard-working and capable. it's good that he's that way at home as well. It gives me relief to hear that someone is helping you since I can't do a dang thing.

Martie said...

Would you like a few suggestions for things to keep the boys happy and occupied? I will be putting things on my blog most days this month, but I can send you a list if you're interested.

One thing I loved when I was really sick with "morning" sickness was pulling out the tea sets or doctor sets and having the children pretend to take care of sick Mommy. They loved it, and their service to me helped them gain compassion for my situation. They took great pride in their loving acts towards me.

Eloise said...

I'd love for some tips. Actually, if you asked, right now, I'd ship them express to you LOL. They're very high energy and keep getting into mischief despite my best efforts...


Martie said...

Ship away! I'm totally game. I will write more after the dentist destroys my mouth. Talk to you soon!