Thursday, February 14, 2008

You know that piece of chocolate cake...

You know that piece of chocolate cake nobody ate that disappeared? How
about that pizza that just vanished from the office fridge? What about
all those socks that "vanish" in the dryer.

You may have a trebble problem.

These little furry creatures may look cute, but they can and will eat ANYTHING. Even rocks.

Yes, I said rocks.

They have a never-ending appetite, so beware! Letting this little creature into your life means plenty of adventure!

by hand, this little monster is alpaca primarily with a coat of
dreamy-soft angora bunny furr. His dyed sections were dyed with
kool-aid and are non-toxic.

This trebble is a figurine, not a toy, and I doubt he would stand up to rough treatment.

Are you ready to welcome Trebble Trouble into your life?

Etsy :: issylthesthlia :: Trebble-- Needlefelted Monster

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