Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things I love...

I love nursing my baby. He's almost 18 months old and I swear I love it more and more as he gets older. He really appreciates the time that I take to nurse him-- he hums to me, looks me in the eyes... and all around it is our time. We take joy in each other through every nursing session-- be it a toddler's brief 'snack-run' or a real snuggle at bed time. He pats me, kisses me, talks about loving 'boo-boos' and all around it is OUR time. It is precious and wonderful. I wish everyone could have that experience.

It wasn't always easy for me. Especially with Drew. In the beginning, breastfeeding was so hard for me. Now it is as natural as breathing.

And so, when I saw this I wanted to share.

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MandaMommy said...

It's so much harder than I ever would have thought (before you had Drew), and only doing it really let's you know.It's not even always simple after going through hard times previously! But it sure gets easier the older they are. Thank goodness!