Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Weaving Teaches us about Creation

It doesn't take much of a stretch to compare the fiber arts to creation-- after all, it is taking a base form and creating something complex and beautiful out of it with little more than your two hands. I also feel that it touches a spiritual place inside of use when we take natural fibers and create with them-- when spinning you touch and twist the fibers and they pass through your fingers-- you get to know each material intimately-- to understand what makes them work, to understand what their made out of, their texture, their build up, and what they might become through your hands. It makes me feel connected to nature-- closer to a truer appreciation of creation-- what exists. Admiring from a distance is one thing, but, as in gardening, digging one's hands deep into creation changes perspective.

And so, fiber becomes thread, becomes warp, becomes cloth, becomes clothes, becomes warmth... as the dust of the universe became you and me.

Beautiful, isn't it?

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