Sunday, December 16, 2007

Too Fun!

I'm having a great day-- mostly because I'm going outside of myself and trying to be outgoing and its given me a crazy amount of energy...

But, all in all, this week has been amazing, because I have been talking to my mom all week about weaving and she's picking it up-- it's so wonderful to be able to talk about fibers and colors and the warp and weft possibilities... and be so excited about things we can create together. It has made me so incredibly happy and I LOVE every minute of it.

It helps, also, that today my sister is moving back into town and I can't wait to be able to be parts of each others lives... I hope that will happen!

My mom is getting a four harness loom, with another four harness extension, which makes the possibilities limitless for what she/we can create-- we're talking tweed, herringbone... overshot...

It's all so very thrilling! Yay!

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