Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Greif (GERD)!

I have a hard time sleeping as a norm. When pregnant, I take unisom for nausea anyway, and that, supposedly, helps me sleep, but it's still not a great pattern.

But the last few nights I've had a new visitor that has made sleep impossible-- GERD! The second I am remotely horizontal acid and anything I've eaten in the last five hours comes surfing up my throat and I start gagging and burping and throwing up into my mouth. So, I'm up a lot in the night trying to deal with that. It's less of a problem when I am upright, but still present, and I am, and always have been, completely incapable of sleeping upright... and when I'm pregnant I get faint from trying, so I'm drowning in stomach acid, literally... not fun.

Kasen is still extremely active and I'm still having contractions (BH?) every six minutes or so all day and all night.

Keith has been talking about wanting Kasen to come early, but I keep remembering Kev (not early) being under-sized and not being able to figure out eating for so long and I just shudder. I don't need another tiny baby! I need a healthy, happy, good-sized baby who can latch on and nurse without months and months of work. I also don't have a back-up plan if I do go into early labor-- my boys would have to be with my MIL who would take them to the office with her and it is not the best environment. I'm stuck, though, if I'm away from home for any stretch of time, then my poor boys will suffer for it.

I'm 31 weeks today (plus a couple days if you consider my shorter cycle, like with the other boys) 9 weeks to go, and sooo much is going to happen in that time. It's intimidating! Birthdays, Kindergarten starting, preparing for the new baby... and just the daily stuff that seems to be getting harder and harder every day.

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Martie said...

I had the same reflux problem with all 10. I finally got meds for it a number of months before Harper was born. It was fantastic! I cannot remember the prescription name, but it worked wonderfully. I highly recommend you try it.

Is your big boy going to public school?