Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And the game of the day is called...


Yup, you heard me right! I've been wanting to try my hand at this for years, but was, stupidly, waiting for my Mil to show me how to do it. Right now I have my first batch in the boiling-water bath. Did you know almost 4 lbs of peaches makes about 4 jars of peaches in syrup? Oh, and shock-baths for skinning peaches are touch and go if the peaches are a little under-ripe.

I've made some mistakes, but I'm learning, and very grateful and I started with the peaches and not the strawberry jam which is next on the agenda.

We'll see if any of this turns out :)


little mama said...

Sounds fun. I'm wanting to make some jam. I'm hoping you got freestone peaches - my first time doing peaches we used cling, and that was such a pain! Way harder than it needed to be!

Good luck with the results!

Eloise said...

Mine weren't freestone either! It was HORRIBLE :)! I'll remember about peach differences next time ;)