Monday, August 25, 2008


So, I'm back in the non-gluten world, and have immediately had to start working on my diet. For example-- my boys love to have pancakes for breakfast, but I , of course, don't eat them...

So, yesterday I made sushi... vegetarian sushi.

I cooked two cups of brown rice, without rinsing it before or after. Added in about 4 tblspns of rice wine vinegar, 2 tblspns sugar, 2 tblspns Mirin, and mixed that all together. I then put the mixture on a sheet of Nori (a package is about $1.25 at the supermarket and is enough for LOTS of sushi-rolls) For filling I put in seasoned mushrooms (in soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and rice wine vinegar), slices of yam (cooked), and avocado. Then, because I don't have a sushi-roller, I took some papers that were stapled together and used THAT to shape my rolls.

Yum. Even Drew has given it a try. Hubby won't. Ever.

But it means I have something to eat. I have them stored in the fridge.

I also made my mom's recipe of oyster stew (simple-- onions, butter, milk, oysters) which fills me up really fast, considering its mostly broth :))

The best thing about giving up gluten is that I eat so much better. I've been eating pears and nectarines all day, and, on day four without gluten this time around, I already feel healthier all around.


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