Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I hate adrenaline

I hate adrenaline.

Today our large, low-slung dresser, TV, and DVD player collapsed on top of both of my boys. The TV narrowly missed landing on both of them. One side of the dresser crushed Sunny. Neither one of them was hurt-- thank HEAVEN! The only casualties are the dresser and DVD player-- which is smashed.

I am so grateful they're safe. Now, several hours later, I'm just trying to burn that dratted adrenaline out of my system... shake shake shake!


Martie said...

Holy smoke, when I saw the beginning of this I just cringed. I am SO glad they're OK. Many children do not walk away from such accidents. I know you were scared to death! I'm so, so glad they're OK.


Eloise said...

I have tried so hard not to think about that possibility-- it was so close-- one inch and they would have both been gone. It's terrifying! I feel so blessed that they are ok!