Monday, June 16, 2008

Foremost on the Forecast full of Forethought


Ok, couldn't resist that one...

I'm thinking a lot today, because this evening our Realtor is coming over and we're working out what we're going to offer on this fixer-upper we've been looking at. We have a pre-approval (lower than we expected, but works for us for this house). The house is in a great neighborhood, has good square footage, a beautiful backyard... even a separate playroom area (a added-on enclosed porch off of the dining area.)

But it needs work-- aka-- there is a BIG hole in the floor in the master bath, it needs a/c put it, it needs all new floors, it has no appliances, it needs a new shower/tub and toilet in the master bathroom, oh, and it has no doors or windows right now-- just boards... We're going to offer low (its bank owned) and hope that the offer we can do will be accepted. It would close in and around August 15th (?) and we've budgeted in paying double rent while we repair that and we still have our lease here.

Parts of it are really exciting-- having a home of our OWN-- that's the biggie. But looking at all that paperwork makes me jittery. It's a good time to buy here right now-- NOT to sell, and it IS a fixer-upper, which is the only way we can afford it. It would put us in the ward we were in before this house, so with my MIL, and that's no bad thing... I have a lot of fun with her, and she'd be someone to go to RS now that my only friend here has moved away to Penn.

I've been doing all my homework-- comparing flooring companies-- figuring that we'll probably put in laminate wood everywhere but in the bedrooms... and then throw down rugs. If we had a bigger budget I'd do Bamboo floors, but it runs, at best, at about $5 a square foot and is usually about twice that, so flooring this almost 1700 sq ft house would be a challenge.

That hole in the floor worries me-- do I need a permit to fix it? I don't want to hire a contractor if we can do it ourselves-- after all MIL built the house my Hunny grew up in... so, really...

And then, there is a LIBRARY in the house-- not kidding! It's off of the dining room, a very small office-like room that is perfect for our books! YAY! (We have so many books, it's a real problem for us, actually.)

I hate unknowns-- I want to know right NOW if we're getting this house or not-- and then I have to wait until closing to start working on it-- makes me rather restless and edgy.

But I can see it in my head-- what I want to do with the house... and the counters are exactly like the orange ones in the house I grew up in, and the cabinets are the same too-- and I felt like I was coming home...

Any advice, oh mighty house owners? Anyone want to help us fix it up? :)

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Real said...

Nope. I don't have any advice. But I do remember what it's like to hope and dream about a particular property and what you can do and how you'd like it to be. It's kind of fun. Here's hoping you have the cash to help all your dreams come true! LOL!