Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another one...

5 Things You Can Find Inside My Bag:

I don't have a bag. Seriously.

5 Favorite Things Inside The Room I'm In:

1. Two half-naked boys creating chaos
2. My beautiful cherry-wood hope chest
3. Computer
4. Work chart on the walls
5. The cushions hubby and I recovered together.

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do:

1. Publish a book.
2. Paint a HUGE oil painting.
3. Keep my house at a state of reasonable cleanliness permanently.
4. Sing on my own CD.
5. Ride horses in Ireland (and bring them home :))

5 Things I'm Currently Into:

1. heritage farming
2. quilting
3. working on 'into the deep'
4. Finding a house to live in
5. THE BOYS-- all three of them!

4 people I Plan To Tag:


Haha-- those last three would NEVER! :)

1 comment:

Real said...

It LOOKS like a bag in that picture of you at the top.

I don't have a bag, either. I just have a back pocket. That suffices.