Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I thought I'd share my 'workspace' for my latest project. Esp. since I find all of this really cool, and my sweetheart has absolutely no interest in this at all :).
This is my incubator. I have it in my work room. You can see some eggs through the windows.

This is the inside of my incubator-- with my thermometer sitting there on top of my eggs. The big eggs are Goose eggs (various ones), the ones in the carton are bantam eggs (Old English Bantams), the brown ones are chicken eggs, and the dirty white ones are muscovy duck eggs. Where do I get these? Well, ebay of course!
These are some Muscovy eggs waiting to go into the incubator. They're marked with pink because they are part of the pink 'team'. I label every egg and mark on the calendar special events-- such as when they are due to hatch!

This is one of my goose eggs-- see that spidery thing? That's a five day old embryo! Seriously! Isn't that AWESOME?????! I have five of these so far :).

Well, that's my latest thing...


Real said...

So.....pardon my city-girledness, but, what exactly are you going to do with them when they hatch?

Anonymous said...

Cool. Love it. The incubators have evolved. Sure beats heat lamps and aquaria (that's the plural of aquarium, at least in my made up little world).

Fun and exciting. I've always enjoyed incubators and hatchings. Very exciting! I like how you are always busy with worthy projects.

Now I assume you have no zoning restrictions on the raising of fowl?

Your favorite attorney.

MandaMommy said...

How bout some pics of your plants? I'll put some up of ours, too. We have teensy weensy lettuce plants as of yesterday!

Anonymous said...

how did you build the incubator i would love to try it

i have a flock of chickens and 2 or 3 bobcats keep coming up and killing them my numbers went from 86 to 32 in less then a month and i want a cheap homemade incubator that works on many kinds of eggs