Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet the Goats!

Meet our new goats, due to arrive here to live with us after our trip to Utah this March. The wether (neutered male goat) is the gold and white with the green halter (behind the roan nubian). The doe is the white one.

They're full brother and sister-- with a nubian sire and a saanen dam. This should make the doe produce a good quantity of good-tasting milk. She's being bred to a Boer buck, which will probably mean that the kids are destined for the freezer. Next year I'll breed her to a Nigerian dwarf and try for some mini-Saabians :).

The wether is to keep her company. Goats do not do well alone. I got him free, so I can't complain :).


MandaMommy said...

Yay! How fun! The wether is big! (I'm sure not really, but I'm used to puny goats...)

Real said...

Mmmmm! Just looking at those smelly animals and the poop on their hooves makes me want a nice, cold, frosty glass!


Real said...

You know that was all said with a wink, right? I think you're doing an awesome job of fulfilling your dream while working within the parameters of your current situation. Good for you!

Martie said...

Real actually said it with a Wink and a Pink. Just to clarify.

Congratulations! WOW, you are amazing. I am intimidated. I hope it goes super well and you gets lots of yummy milk!