Sunday, October 5, 2008

Four Golden Comets


Russian Orloff

Patridge Plymouth Rock

Buff Chantecler

Blue Hamburg

The chickens at my MIL's house have started laying eggs. They're fantastic! The younger chickens are finally old enough that we can tell what they are... and my blue Hamburg is a ROOSTER. Eep! No crowing yet, but I saw the beginning of spurs on his legs and his tail is slightly curly....

I just realized that I have no pics up with Sunny's face actually visible. I will rectify that ASAP.


Martie said...

So, the chickens are yours, right? I am feeling a tad envious. I think I am ready for a few animals.... besides a fat, energy-less cat, that is.


Eloise said...

We actually only have two fat, energy-less, guinea pigs at this point. Technically the younger chickens are mine, but they live at my MILs as we're not allowed to have pets. Our landlords "don't really like animals".

I really want more animals-- to hatch chicks again (if you guys do chickens I'll send you a kit for hatching yourself, hatching eggs are cheap on ebay), to have a goat, horses... a CAT. K and I desperately want a cat and that's the ultimate forbidden item by the landlords.


The eggs are great, though, and the chickens have free range every evening, and a huge peg during the day. The dogs (Gimli, Bear, and Isaac) leave them alone and they get all sorts of organic matter from the garden and from the house... so they are YUMMY eggs! With only four hens old enough to lay, my MIL is already averaging 3 eggs a day, which means she is already having more eggs than she's been using. Her goal is to have enough eggs for her household, ours, and K's brother's household.