Friday, July 11, 2008


I know, seriously, right?

I drove my MILs truck from La Canada and River all the way to her house. Drew sang songs in the back seat to keep me from getting too uptight. And, hey, I survived! I did it because she needed me too-- WHEW! First drive in AGES!

I've been busy. One hour a morning on the timer gets the house clean... I've been writing articles on Helium... and the ever pervasive HOUSE HUNT. Which may be drawing to a close with one of two finishes possible based on a lot of nitty gritty.

Seriously... is it worth the trouble?

Why the sudden panic to get housing? Well, our rent end in Febraury and... My Hubby is going to his PH.D now, so we'll be here at LEAST another three years... So, yeah... I hate wasting money and rent just goes away-- I'd rather have a mortgage...

The boys are doing well-- Drew is clever and thinks everyone else is a little slow, and Sunny is fearless and terrifying, though very very clingy. I was all jumping into the weaning thing when I realized I didn't want to... so I quit. Hubby isn't the happiest about that-- he has this strange issue with nursing past two... he thinks I might as well be nursing adults... whatever.

Still no problems being back on gluten and soy... I've had one flair up since then, it was for about an hour and it was definitely hormonal... other than that, I'm pretty crazy, but that's the norm for me. Summer is insomnia season... but at least I get a lot of thinking done, right?


Real said...

The Hubba really didn't like me nursing in that year between 2 and 3, either.

Martie said...

Mine too. Actually, from one on, he gets antsy for me to quit.

But Harper will not touch milk... not even strawberry or chocolate or anything. What do I do??

Martie said...

YAY for you for driving!!